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I started my career working as a freelancer for advertising studios in my city Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo - Brazil.


After this experience as a freelancer artist for almost three years, I was called to work as a Lead Character Artist for 3D steroscopic animation films for an Educational Company. In 2002 I was promoted to Senior artist, at this time I was responsible for the whole art direction and coordenation of a team composed by other four artists.


After this excelent experience, I've choosed to get my own Studio for personal reasons. These were great years of more than fifty great projects. I've had an excelent experience in managing and dealing with my clients, most of them composed by Advertising Agencies from all over Brazil and another countries.


I am currently living in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo - Brazil and I work as a freelancer artist at my Home Office. This was a professional choice option that I've made to have a better performance of my skills as an artist.


I have already worked in more than 100 projects for more than 50 companies in my professional life, including Tv Projects, Art Direction, Traditional arts, Illustration, concept arts, Graphic Design, 3D for Architecture visualization,  Game Design and all the kind of CG art.


With all those years of experience, I consider myself as a generalist artist, ready to work with any project because I like get new challenges.

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